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Frangipani flowers are brilliant to have "floating" in your home, the colour and scent are just magical, they add a real island feel to your home. They are also popular for weddings and other events, we will be able to supply flowers fresh to our customers from around October through to April every season. Because of our proximity to the Ballina/Byron airport and Pacific Highway we are able to supply many areas of Australia, with our colour range we are sure that we can satisfy everyones tastes & needs. Flowers will be picked in the early mornings packed and shipped to you so that they arrive fresh and vibrant, all we need to know is the amount and colours required as well as the method of transport you have arranged. If we are unable to collect enough of the required colour we will substitute them with one that is very close or that will compliment them as long as it is agreeable with you. We will even be able to supply Frangipani Leis, again these will be picked and made on the day before being shipped to our customers so that they arrive lovely and fresh. We will have a very big array of everything frangipani so bookmark us now as we are getting closer to our opening.

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